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Silver jewellery pieces are manufactured in 1st silver content (925/000), with select pieces in 2nd silver content (835/00).
All silver jewellery pieces except silver mini urns are rhodium plated. Rhodium plating is a platina layer with a luxurious white gold appearance, and prevents the silver from tarnishing. It’s possible to re-apply the rhodium layer in most cases where they’re damaged.
We use zircons and brilliant cut diamonds for our jewelry, and we’ll substitute zircons with diamonds upon request.
Gold pieces are manufactured in 14ct gold, and can also be made in 18ct gold.

100 Series

Models in the 100 Series with a mineral glass front or back require ash filling. Pendant 109 SG and 110 SB are available in bi-color. The center of the pendant containing the ashes is gold plated.

200 Series

Most models in the 200 Series feature a back compartment to be opened and closed using a screwdriver, with the exception of 209 S, which is open in the back and will require our special resin for ash-bonding.

300 Series

Introduced in late 2016, our 300 Series of earrings feature studs, creoles and ear pendants, designed with zircon stones. Multiple combinations can be made by hanging ear pendants onto creoles.

600 Series

Models in the 600 Series are made with sterling silver, and available with yellow gold and rose gold plating. 14ct or 18ct white gold, yellow gold or rose gold versions with zircons or brilliant cut diamonds are also available, with pricing provided upon request.

700 Series

Models in the 700 Series are available in silver and 14ct gold, and each come with a 40 cm necklace. A 2mm or 2.6mm zircon, or a 0.03crt diamond or 0.05crt diamond can be added upon request.

Stainless Steel Rings

These rings feature subtle integration of visible ashes into their design. Stainless steel rings can’t be adjusted for size, and are not available in additional sizes in stainless steel. Please refer to our brochure and website to determine availability. RS 006, RS 007, RS 009, RS 010 and RS 011 are also available in silver, with the item numbers below:

Steel Silver

RS 006 – RS 006 S

RS 007 – RG 028

RS 009 – RG 037

RS 010 – RG 039

RS 011 – RG 040

Stainless steel ring sizes:
RS 004
EU:16 t/m 22
USA: 5½ to 12¾
UK: K to Z

RS 005
EU: 16½ t/m 21
USA: 6 to 11½
UK: L½ to X

RS 006
EU: 17 t/m 22
USA: 6½ to 12¾
UK: M½ to Z

RS 007
EU: 16 t/m 20
USA: 5½ to 9¼
UK: K to U½

RS 008
17 t/m 22
USA; 6½ to 12¾
UK: M½ to Z

RS 009
EU: 16 t/m 20
USA: 5½ to 10¼
UK: K to U½

RS 010 and RS 011
EU: 17½ t/m 22
USA: 7¼ to 12¾
UK: O to Z

Silver Rings (Silver / Gold)

All silver and gold ladies rings are available in standard (European) sizes 50/52/54/56/58/60. RG 001, RG 002, RG 003 and RG 004 are also available in an extra small size, 48. All silver gents rings are available in the standard (European) sizes 56/58/60/62/64/66. Additional sizes require production time of 6 to 8 weeks, and additional production charges of £15.00 per piece.

Silver Bracelets

Models BL 001 through BL 006 are silver-plated and with zirconia stones. BL 007 holds ashes in the two end casing balls. BL 010 and BL 011 are silver with hinge and extra safety locks, suitable for holding ashes as well as hair. Although meant for a tight fit around the wrist, we deliver them with a chain that has extra eyes, to allow for size adjustment.

Fusion Bracelets


These bracelets of stainless steel and rubber strap can be filled with ashes or hair. BG 004 and 005 are also suitable for fingerprint laser engraving.


BG 007 and BG 008 are made of sterling silver with a double braided leather strap. The locks on these bracelets open by pushing the fingerprint or ash-adorned button. Design combinations of laser engraving and ashes are possible, such as cremated remains with handwritten text. Straps are available in black, navy, brown, cognac and camel, with strap length as long as 25 cm for BG 007 and 23.5 cm for BG 008.


Models in this collection feature fingerprints, and 401 SP and the 401 SA has fingerprints as well as ashes. Jewelry adjustments, as well as complete custom pieces, are available upon request.


Our Royals line of rings, pendants and bracelets are available in silver, and in combinations silver / yellow gold and silver / rose gold. With the wide ring design, it is customary to add half a size to the customer’s measured ring size. A size 17 should be 17.5, for example.

Available ring sizes for the ladies rings ROR 001 to ROR 007:

EU: 16 t/m 19
USA: 5½ to 9
UK: K to S

Available ring sizes for the gents rings ROR 008 to ROR 010:

EU: 17 t/m 22
USA: 6½ to 12¾
UK: M½ to Z

Gold Line

Gold Line is our premium collection, featuring pieces of 14ct white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, and set with diamonds. They can be custom-made with 18ct gold, or in silver, upon request. All other ring sizes will have to be custom made. Prices are available upon request.

Available ring sizes:
EU: 16 t/m 19
USA: 5½ to 9
UK: K to S


Standard length of necklaces is 45 cm, but they are all available in any length upon request. Models 111 SE, 117 SC and 118 S do not have locks, and will need to be matched with clip locks. Standard Carabiner clasps are available upon request. Model 115 S is also available with an extra “eye” on 42 cm.

Mini Urns

Our Mini Urns collection is available with custom engraving. A layer of transparent resin can be added to the ashes within to keep them from scattering when opening and closing.

Candle Urn 110 A

This model is made with stainless steel, featuring a glass front and back, and an openable top cylinder lid. Minor adjustments of this model are possible, such as replacing the zircon with a diamond. It can be used to keep ashes, as well as small pieces of fabric, pearls, flower petals, etc.

See You for Pets

See You Mini Urns for pets come in silver and gold and in 2 different sizes. Select with your choice of pet statuette, from over 400 breeds of dogs, 4 variations of cats, and other animals upon request. These can also be worn as pendants on a necklace, with ashes kept within the statuette.

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