Keep memories of your loved ones close with exquisite memorial jewellery.

The ‘See You’ memorial jewellery collection is an exquisite selection of timeless pieces that can tastefully and respectfully incorporate ashes (or hair, or fingerprints). It’s a unique way to remember a loved one and keep them close to you wherever you are.

Losing a loved one is never easy. As a Funeral Celebrant, I often talk with bereaved families about their choices regarding cremation ashes of their loved one.

I began to explore the possibilities of what can be done with cremation ashes, and in researching what has happened historically I was fascinated to learn more about ‘mourning jewellery’.

Although memorial jewellery as we know it today wasn’t introduced until the 1990s, its predecessor, mourning jewellery, has been around in one form or another for nearly 2,000 years. In 16th and 17th-century Europe, for example, rings and brooches set with black and white enamel represented a style of jewellery known as ‘memento mori’, a Latin phrase meaning “be mindful of death” – a reminder of the fleeting nature of life. Among the wealthy class of the 17th and 18th centuries, mourning rings were presented to friends and families of the deceased.

When Prince Albert of England died in 1861, his widow, Queen Victoria, went into mourning for the rest of her life, a period of 40 years. The Queen and her court dressed in elaborate mourning clothes and followed a strict code of conduct, and her loyal subjects mirrored this behaviour when their own loved ones died. Mourning jewellery became very popular in Victorian England.

I began to explore memorial jewellery in the present time and came across Dutch designer Rob Leurs and his beautiful range of See You memorial jewellery at the National Funeral Exhibition in 2016. I found the affordable yet high quality pieces I was looking for. I then journeyed to the Netherlands to meet with Rob and his family, view the full range of jewellery in their stylish showroom, and learn the skillful process of setting the ashes into the jewellery.

The ashes (or hair) are combined with a special resin and then set under a UV lamp ensuring a solid bond. I can make the resin in various colours and can even be specific as to how visible a client wishes the ashes or hair to be. Alternatively, other design options with a glass or silver front have a secret compartment in the back which can be opened and filled with the ashes.

Prices start from £79 which includes setting of the ashes. The pieces are produced in sterling silver with a rhodium-plated finish. There is a small steel range of rings. All pieces can also be made with gold on request and there are new lines with real diamonds too.

Sometimes families have cremation ashes for years and are not sure what to do with them – these can still be used to make a stunning piece of jewellery. And it is a beautiful way to cherish the memory of a much loved pet.

I’m very pleased and excited to offer the full See You Memorial Jewellery. All ashes are treated with the upmost care and respect. They are set in the jewellery personally by myself, and clients can be in attendance if they wish. There is a stunning collection of pendants, rings and bracelets to choose from. I am proud to offer jewellery that will be enjoyable to wear as well as cherished and treasured.

Please take a look at for the full See You collection. This website belongs to Rob Leurs, our jewellery designer in The Netherlands, who has created a site where you can see every piece of memorial jewellery available and make visual changes to see each piece with the colour range of resins and each item in silver, gold and rose gold.
Send your order request to me directly at confirming which piece of jewellery you wish to order – include the code, resin colour (or request a translucent setting) and size required (if known). Also include your postal address please. I will invoice you via PayPal and send you an order pack.
If you are ordering a memorial piece which is in my web shop you can order directly via PayPal.
Please note due to the fluctuating rise in gold prices, please enquire regarding current price of all gold items.

Memories deserve nothing less

See You Memorial Jewellery Collection

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