BG 007 Silver


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Silver bracelet with leather strap.

The Lords are often forgotten when it comes to commemorative jewelry. We have a large collection of men’s commemorative jewellery available, from rings, to pendants, to bracelets, made of all kinds of materials.

This ornament is visible at the top filled with ash and is mixed with our special resin. You must press the AS section to open the lock. You cannot fill the bracelet yourself with ash. This can be done by us or our dealers. You can indicate during the order whether you want us to fill it or the nearest dealer.


  • Can be filled by us or one of the See You dealers
  • Leather strap is available in different colours: black, brown, navy, cognac, camel.
  • Also suitable for fingerprint

We would like to remind you always to keep a small amount of ash in case the jewelry is lost.